The below interview with Ovskum appeared in Uvehel in 2010.

Ulvhel: Under all aspects (music, covers, titles) Ovskum seems to be an expression of ascetic nihilism. Is this a right perception of your works?

OVSKUM: Personally I would separate asceticism from nihilism. What concerns asceticism I believe that I do not take part of its values. Talking about nihilism I never follow any philosophic discussions, as I do not take part of the values which characterize ourselves it does not mean that it necessarily refuses them. My vision does not depend on them: if you negate something it means that it is yours, while I do not nourish any adherence towards the fundamental “weltanschauungen”. My music does not come from a philosophy but from a pre-critical compulsion, an instinct which comes prior to the thought and does not depend on it.

Ulvhel: Are you familiar with the existentialist thought, philosophical pessimism or phenomenology, or do you reject all outer theoretical constructions based in the inner sickness being the life of a conscious man?

OVSKUM: As I have already said, I never base my existence on any type of metaphysics. This does not mean that I do not share some aspects of the currents you were speaking about. Even if I am not fully conscious I do really draw near to the thought of Nietzsche when he speaks about Zarathustra of the three metamorphosis of the spirit.
Generally speaking there is an evident getting out of the nihilism from the existentialism and from the philosophic pessimism in it. Those philosophic thoughts which are fit in the view of this famous direction are anchored to the spirit of the lion. Even if they reject the systems and values of our western culture (think about Leopardi); these philosophic thoughts still need to surpass the existence. The spirit of the child goes beyond: “the child represents the innocence and oblivion, a new beginning, a game, a wheel that goes round on itself, a first movement, and a divine yes”.

Ulvhel: Nearly all of Ovskum's cover arts include characteristic Morte404 drawings (which highly fit the musical content btw) - do you permit a possibility that his drawings will be absent on any future release of Ovskum?

OVSKUM: I think that the Ovskum project could never be defined like that without the stylistic contribution of Morte-404. It is impossible to imagine that the Ovskum music could be separated from the creations of Morte-404 or vice versa in the future. Our ideas and typical styles emerged and will die together. They influence each other and they strongly depend on each other. We decided to not adopt the Morte-404 design only together with the split with the fellow-citizens Necrolust because the book should represent both bands in an equal way choosing an image which should take back both groups to the common origins.


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